Clouded in the comfort of fibers surrounding her tired body, she lay still.

Her mind was flooded with tasks that seemed trivial at the moment.

She listened. Waiting patiently for a sign.

Her weakened soul had needed rest. Quiet, peace, and solitude.

The chilly air breezing across her skin reminded her that she was vibrantly alive.

The quiet room allowed her thoughts to drift back and forth.

She remained still, absorbed in her own time.

She knew that her body was speaking and she must listen.

Without interruption, she relished in the beauty of her own soul.


Far too many of us forget the importance of loving ourselves and listening to our inner voice.

We require little to survive and little to love outwardly, yet being aware of the needs within are our most valuable abilities.

Sit alone, in the quiet. Learn who you are and how beautiful your soul is to chat with.

Then, and only then, spread that inner love out among the world. Set free from the boundaries and expectations that are needlessly placed upon us.

Spread love like wildfire, beginning within first.

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