It took a while for me to believe, if you will, that numbers had valuable meaning. After noticing, at random times, that certain numbers kept popping into my view, I began to question their realism.

Last night is a great example. In the Midwest USA, it’s cold.. winter has arrived. Just as you would imagine on a cold winter day, my hot water tank stops working. Nearing bedtime, I’m about to give the kids a warm bath to get cozy for the night when I realize.. ice cold water was all that came pouring from the faucet. After some investigating, I made the executive decision to postpone bathtime for the next day.

I took the necessary precautions to ensure our safety and we went to bed. At 3:33am I woke up. Now, given the fact that I’m likely jetlagged, I wasn’t too surprised to be awake at an ungodly hour, but here I was.. wide awake.

I noticed the clock and was interested as to what the numbers 333 mean. Honestly, I was pleased with what I read..

Let me be clear, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this number sequence or felt the divine energy working miracles in my life.

Here’s the important part of today’s happenings: the hot water tank is covered by a warranty that I was sure didn’t exist. All of those out-of-pocket expenses that usually hit at the most inopportune time, especially with the holidays fast approaching, are not a concern for us today! Not only is the Universe (God) laying its protective hands on my family and our home, yet keeping our positive momentum running strong!

To say I’m blessed would be a severe understatement. I believe. I have faith. And I choose to keep positive in the face of what could be a hard time.

Good things happen when you focus on them. Bad things happen, but how you choose to react shapes your day, week, and entire future.

Stay positive, friends! We have so much to be grateful for! ❤

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